7 ways to grow your Instagram following.

7 ways to grow your Instagram following. If you’re looking for ways to build your Instagram following, these 7 tips are for you!

Instagram is the social platform of the moment, with more and more brands now looking to get in on the Insta trend, and boost their digital presence.

Check out these 7 Instagram tips.

1. Post User Generated Ccontent — UGC can generate 7x the engagement

2. Use a content calendar — get your content planned and schedule your post for peak times

3. Research and use relevant hashtags — avoid hashtags like #love #like4like Note: #LikesDontEqualSales

4. Write compelling and relevant captions — ask questions, use emojis and add a CTA (call to action)

5. Create Instam Stories — they’re fun and the content ideas are #InstaStories

6. Get blue ticked — verified… if you can! it will definitely help your “authority” status #instafamous

7. Use Instagram insights — the numbers don’t lie and it’s good to know what is working and what is not! reach, clicks, followers and likes. . . it’s all there.

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